Education Consultations

Assessments and recommendations to help your child or teen be successful in their education. 

Educational Consultations

Goal: Provide parents information and guidance to be a strong advocate for their child and obtain necessary accommodations and/or services through the school district and in the community.

Educational Consultations may include:

  • Interviews with parents and student

  • Review and analyze previous evaluations and school records

  • Interpret findings of previous evaluations to parents

  • School-based behavioral observations (as needed)

  • Attendance at meetings including Student Study Team, 504-Accommodation Plan and IEP meetings

  • Written summary of observations/recommendations

  • Expert testimony at fair hearings and due process hearings (as needed)


Total time and cost are determined on a case-by-case basis.

If you live in California and can not travel to Simi Valley, educational consultations can be conducted via telehealth, using a secure professional platform designed for confidential video sessions.


What Is A SST?

SST (Student Study Team or Student Success Team): A team made up of teachers, principal and parent that problem solves and implements interventions for children experiencing difficulties in academics, behavioral challenges, and/or social emotional areas. 

What Are 504-Accommodation Plan Meetings?

What Are IEP Meetings?

504 Accommodation Plan Meetings are meetings with a team of people including teachers, administrators and parents who are familiar with the child or teen and they create a plan for support and how to remove roadblocks in their education due to their disability. 

IEP (Individualized Education Program) are individualized plans to address the unique needs of your child or teen in order to have  a successful special education experience at school. 

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